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Why is orthodontic treatment important?


There is no doubt that orthodontic treatment enhances self-esteem and can actually improve your quality of life. However, there are also other important reasons for considering orthodontic treatment for what may appear to be minor problems because, if left untreated, they can affect the health of the gums and teeth.  


Orthodontics is growth related and it is important that treatment is carried out at the appropriate stage of physical development if the optimum treatment outcome is to be achieved. Most people are very aware of how teeth look and an adult or child who feels unattractive because of crooked teeth or unaligned jaws may become self-conscious and preoccupied with his or her appearance.


Orthodontic treatment also plays an important role in improving overall oral health and we, Orthodontic House, can benefit you or your child by giving you a lifetime of healthy, attractive smiles.


Does Orthodontic House treat adults as well as children?


Adults as well as children can be treated. Increasing numbers of orthodontic patients today are adults, many of whom are being tested for problems not corrected during childhood, but who recognise that improving the health of their mouth and the beauty of their smile is a change for the better.


What treatments does Orthodontic House offer?


Orthodontic House offer a number of the latest treaments:


Lingual Orthodontics: Braces on the tongue side of the teeth

Invisalign®: Aligner trays virtually invisible plastic

Damon® System: Low-friction passive self-ligating brackets


What will it cost?


Dr Rumbak will make a careful evaluation before prescribing any treatment or discussing cost. Having made the assessment you will be given a confidential written quotation for the treatment.

Once treatment begins patients will be seen on a regular basis to ensure proper progress and in many cases small problems can be corrected over a short period of time. Most payments may be spread out over the length of the treatment. Treatment costs have actually risen very little over the years because of advancements in techniques and improvements in materials.


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