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We offer luxuriously equipped surroundings and a treatment plan to suit your family needs.
Dr Alan Rumbak
Dr Alan Rumbak
B.D.S., MSc., M. Dent (Rand.), 
MSc. Lingual Orthodontics

Our resident orthodontic specialist, Dr Alan Rumbak B.D.S., MSc., M. Dent (Rand.), MSc. Lingual Orthodontics, is a qualified orthodontist and also a member of the British Orthodontic Society and registered as an orthodontic specialist with the General Dental Council.

Mr Rumbak is also one of the very few orthodontists who has a Masters Degree in Lingual Orthodontics. He is available for you or your children to be seen without long waiting list.


At Orthodontic House you will have the opportunity to choose your appointment times and not wait for your initial assessment. 


You will be entrusting yourself or your child to a qualified and dedicated specialist who takes a personal interest in your treatment. You will receive caring, individual attention in a modern, innovative environment.


Adults as well as children can be treated. Increasing numbers of orthodontic patients today are adults, many of whom are being treated for problems not corrected during childhood, but who recognise that improving the health of their mouth and the beauty of their smile is a change for the better.


With a choice of orthodontic braces, including some which are transparent, there is an opportunity to obtain help without it being obvious what treatment you are undergoing.

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